As Tradewinds continued looking for ways to better serve the Prevost market it became a licensed dealer. Becoming a dealer allows Tradewinds to truly be a full-service facility assisting customers in the purchase of a coach, the service, repair and upgrades on that coach and the eventual sale of that coach. Owners who are familiar with Tradewinds’ service can expect the same level of quality and care to be taken as in the sale of their coach. Here at Tradewinds Coach we accept only the highest quality coaches into our inventory. Every coach is gone thru with a fine tooth comb to insure everything is in excellent working order. Then each coach is detailed inside and out. Our mind set is that if we wouldn’t buy it, we won’t sell it.

Ready to sell your coach? Contact John Dunn to consign your bus today to allow the company’s expertise and knowledge of the Prevost market assist in the sale of your coach.
Looking for a coach? Contact John Dunn to allow him to comb through the market and find the perfect bus for you.

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John Dunn can be reached on his cell phone at 386-871-5099 or via email at


1996 Prevost Vantare H3-45 Non-Slide

2004 Newell 45 Double Slide

2008 Prevost Millenium H3-45 Double Slide | Matching Stacker also Available

2000 Prevost Featherlite  H3-45 Double Slide

2000 Prevost Featherlite XL Double Slide

2002 Prevost Royale XLII Non-Slide

2004 Prevost Featherlite H3-45 Triple Slide

2005 Prevost Royale XLII 2- Slide

2005 Prevost Royale XLII Double Slide King Ranch

SOLD 2005 Prevost Royale XLII Double Slide w/Triple Level Bunks

SOLD – 1998 Prevost Royale XL

SOLD – 1998 Prevost Marathon XL Non-Slide

SOLD – 2003 Prevost Country Coach XLII Double Slide – SOLD

SOLD – 2008 Prevost Millennium Double Slide – SOLD

SOLD – 2001 Prevost Country Coach XLII Non Slide – SOLD

SOLD – 2005 Featherlite Stacker Trailer – SOLD

SOLD – 2002 Prevost Featherlite H3-45 Non Slide – SOLD

SOLD – 2003 Prevost Featherlite H3-45 Double Slide – SOLD

SOLD – 1998 Prevost Royale XL Non Slide – SOLD

SOLD – 2004 Prevost Millennium XLII Double Slide – SOLD