At Tradewinds we take pride in being a part of, and contributing to our local community. Along with being a member of the DeLand Area Chamber of Commerce, Tradewinds is regularly involved in local events such as the annual St. John’s River Boat Parade, local fundraisers and regularly contributes to local school and sporting events.

Along with being involved in the community that Tradewinds and its owners resides in we are especially proud of the relationship we have built in the Prevost customer community.

We encourage anyone visiting our web site to visit our friends at where you can find a host of information regarding buses for sale, services facilities and general information about Prevost rallies and events. And of course you will find Tradewinds online at and at events, such as the annual Prevost-Stuff Motorhome Expo.

You can also see us at where not only can you find the answers to most any Prevost question you can imagine by simply posting it on any one of their forums, but it is an opportunity to meet and communicate with folks that have the same interests and enjoy the same lifestyle as you. We are happy to say you will find Tradewinds there.

Prevost Owners Group or P.O.G is another place you can find Tradewinds, regularly contributing to the conversations of our mutual friends.

The relationships we have built within our community, with our customers and throughout the Prevost Service Community is something that is of the upmost importance to us. Please don’t ever hesitate to call or email us.

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